Ron Lieber 2015

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What did our audience have to say?

“An interesting thing I learned tonight was…”

  • The idea of a gratitude ritual
  • Kids should be part of the family financial decision-making process
  • Many kids will change when shown alternatives
  • Use of “giving” stories as being a recipient of help
  • How to think about money
  • One goal of early financial education is to train your college-decision co-captain
  • Concept of spoiled
  • Ideas for ways kids can earn money
  • Analysis of decisions by kids
  • Charity giving and involving kids
  • Innovative/different ways of interacting with kids on the topic of charity and money’s needs vs. wants
  • Allowance is not wages
  • Loved the idea of talking to kids about how the family donates and to whom, and what it says about what the family stands for
  • To have our child earn their “want”
  • I loved the personal stories. It is nice to hear your ideas on wants
  • The amount of debt that students incur in college
  • Putting kids to work and jar system
  • That we’re already better off than many others with what we’re doing – yay!
  • That we should be talking more with our kids about money
  • Kid’s money can be divided to 3 parts, including “give” part
  • That even seemingly young children (3 year old) can be old enough to comprehend the concept of spending/giving/saving
  • Need vs. want
  • That it is important to teach them about money young so they make good decisions when they grow up
  • Instagram is “engine of envy”
  • How to talk to kids about finances more effectively
  • Hunter boots story; kids can do more
  • Chores should not be done for money but because they are chores
  • How important talking to kids about money is
  • How to include child in charitable contribution allocation
  • Great practical tips

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Book: The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money


Here are convenient topic start times for selective listening:
0:15 Introduction
6:45 “How come we don’t have a summer house?”
11:05 The Opposite of Spoiled
16:19 Allowance: Spend, Give, Save
22:23 Chores
31:34 Needs vs. Wants: “The Land’s End Continuum”
39:44 Generosity and Gratitude Rituals
45:53 Gaining Perspective: What We Really Need
53:50 Social Media: Engine for Envy
57:08 Cell Phones and Cars: When a Want Becomes a Need
1:01:05 College: The Biggest Financial Decision for Your Family