Michael Bradley 2012

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Dr. Bradley's Yes, Your Teen is Crazy presentation

Dr. Bradley’s Yes, Your Teen is Crazy presentation

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Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind




Handout from Dr. Bradley’s presentation:

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What did our audience learn?

One of my big take aways was how it’s just as important, if not MORE important to stay engaged in the last 5 years of a child living in your home as it is the first 5 years. Too many of us disengage when our adolescents disengage. And the teen brain research is fascinating!

Lead with love — end with love and apologize for those moments you maybe didn’t handle a situation so well –>

Parental fear & concern are seen as judgment to teens…adolescence ends at age 25…kids are not stupid, but “crazy” because they know the risks yet determine that the perceived reward outweighs the risks…best to talk to your teen at midnight (from my experience it’s true–worth staying awake!). Sorry, more than one take away for me! Great presentation!!!

Teach them. Don’t control them. When we try to control them and what happens to them, they don’t believe in their own ability to manage their lives. They become passive bystanders in their own lives.

Engage them and look for ways to explore their belief system.

The goal of parenting is not to raise a “successful” 18 year old, but to raise successful parents to your grandchildren.

Parents, we do make a difference! So let’s encourage and guide our children through this roller coaster of life. Remember they still need our guidance even if they think they don’t.