Larry Silverberg 2016

Larry Silverberg event slide

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What did our audience have to say?

“An interesting thing I learned tonight was…”Larry Silverberg presenting to CPN audience

  • Carve out a path, stay committed
  • Reality of life
  • Be like a baby
  • To be present in the moment
  • That there is a way back out. Thank you.
  • Deep and fast character speaks volumes
  • The greatest gift you can give to others is the quality of your attention
  • To learn about the “ACT” and how to find the way out!
  • Desire and deeper wishes
  • To be open to ideas
  • Focus on self not available to others
  • Ways of looking at yourself and how we relate and interact with others
  • That you can’t please just yourself, you have to be there for when others crumble
  • Where am I?
  • The 4 parts to life
  • There is no moment except for the moment right now
  • There is nothing else but this moment
  • How to live awake

Larry Silverberg is the Founder and Director of the True Acting Institute, with schools in Europe and the United States, and is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Sanford Meisner technique of acting and internationally acclaimed author. An award winning actor/director, Larry is also the Master Teacher of Acting and Full Professor at renowned Shenandoah University Conservatory of Theatre. Larry’s presentations have been described as “profound” and “highly creative and thoughtful”.