Devorah Heitner 2013

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Book: Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World

Dr. Heitner's Raising Digital Natives presentation

Raising Digital Natives presentation to CPN audience March 2013

Websites recommended by Dr. Heitner:

Safety-oriented information at:

Lots of fun product reviews at:

Also recommend:

5 apps to prevent your teen from texting while driving:

What did our audience have to say?

“An interesting thing I learned tonight…”

  • about all the internet savvy kids and how to handle them
  • about sharing pictures on social network
  • all the social apps for 12 year olds
  • another reminder about how exposed are all internet posts
  • ask kids if you want to share a photo of themselves
  • be respectful – talk to kids what your blocking/or reading, ask child permission to post pictures, model behavior you want to see, no texting at dinner
  • constructive communication of objection to certain use of social media
  • Digital content consequences
  • do not attempt to check messages
  • evaluating how the media makes you feel and evaluating it
  • for parents to model the control of using mobile devices
  • geo mapping

Dr. Heitner’s TED Talk: The Challenges of Raising a Digital Native