Catherine Steiner-Adair 2014

flyer for Dr. Steiner-Adair's presentation to CPN


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The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age

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What did our audience have to say?

“The most important thing I learned tonight was…”

  • Things that I can do to help my family navigate this tech world we are living in
  • I need to set boundaries around my children’s digital devices
  • Looking at our technology use in the family and making sure we aren’t losing track of the personal interactions
  • the perspective of the children and how the iphone use can affect a young child’s brainThat too much screen time and technology use robs our children of the tools they need to develop deep relationships and emotional intelligence
  • how to be role model for our kids
  • We must limit screen time and places
  • That parents are more addicted to electronics than their kids in many cases
  • the perception that kids have of their parents when parents use smartphones/computers
  • the effect our technology use is having on all of our relationships
  • Don’t be scary, crazy, clueless parents!
  • The topics discussed were not what I thought they were; I assumed the disconnect was with the children using computer games and video games too much. And here it was about PARENTS using their devices and forgetting about their children. Very amazing and I can’t wait to read the book and share it with my friends and family of small children.
  • How the use of technology releases dopamine into are brains which is why we feel the pull to constantly look at it
  • The most importatnt thing I learned wasn’t necessarily a new lesson though more of a reminder to continue to be mindful of how I  interact with my children.  To be aware and be involved in their lives and to not be a hypocrite
  • It starts at home.  The technology might be owned by the school, but I can have my own rules about the use of it in my house and in the hands of my child. SEL.
  • preschoolers brains could be affected significantly by using the cell phone as a “baby sitter/pacifier”
  • It made me realize that I may need to leave  my comfort zone to do what is best for my children. I am their parent, not their buddy