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April 2016:

Top 10 Best Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

Moving Kids Out of the College Dorm, for the Summer or Forever

6 Ways Good Parents Contribute to Their Child’s Anxiety

Our Dangerous Obsession with Harvard, Stanford and Other Elite Universities

Police Chief Asks Parents to Face the Realities of Teen Drinking

How to Ruin Your Relationship with Your Teenager

Just Like That

A Stanford Dean on Adult Skills Every 18-Year-Old Should Have

The Night My Tween Son Wasn’t Cool Enough

7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children from Growing Into Leaders

March 2016:

Talking With Middle School Boys
tags: boys, communication, middle school, parenting

10 Must-Dos for Any College Visit
tags: college, teens

The One Question I Asked My Teen Daughter That Made a Difference
tags: parenting, teens

Parents Want Recess for Their Kids. Here’s Why They Should Keep Fighting for It
tags: behavior, grade school, health, middle school, school

What Happened When I Quit Helicopter Parenting And Let My Kids Choose Their Own Path
tags: parenting

How Asking 5 Questions Allowed Me to Eat Dinner With My Kids
tags: organization, parenting, time management

The Best Way to Fight With a Teenager
tags: brain, communication, conflict, mental health, parenting,  teens

The Way This Mom Got Her Teen To Clean Her Room Is Sheer Brilliance
tags: discipline, parenting, teens

February 2016:

Average Students: Finding Success, One Class at a Time
tags: school, stress, student, success, teens

Pat Fitzgerald: Evaluating Parents Has Become a Big Part of the Process
tags: coach, college, parents, sports

Making Room for Joy
tags: happiness, mindfulness, parenting

How to Raise a Happy Teen
tags: communication, parenting, teens

Sleeping With Weighted Blanket Helps Insomnia and Anxiety, Study Finds
tags: anxiety, depression, health, sleep, special needs

8 Simple Ways Parents Can Teach Kids to Get Organized
tags: child development, executive function, grade school, middle school, organization, preschool, social emotional learning, teens

Your Teenage Daughter isn’t Psychotic – And 3 Other Things to Stop Worrying About
tags: daughters, health, parenting, teens

14 Teen Slang Terms Decoded for Middle-Age Parents
tags: communication, parents, teens

The 7 Signs of Teen Depression: What Every Parent Should Watch Out For
tags: depression, parenting, teens

4 Things Grown Sons Want Their Moms to Know
tags: college, mothers, sons, teens

January 2016:

Building An Adult Relationship With Your College Student
tags: college, communication, money, relationships, responsibility, teens

Top 10 Secrets of Happy Families
tags: communication, relationships, parenting, preschool, grade school, middle school, teens,

Want Your Teen to Be More Organized? 10 Ideas That Actually Work
tags: executive function, responsibility, success, teens

I Made $1,000 an Hour as a SAT Tutor. My Students Did Better Without Me.
tags: college, school, teens

To Parents of High School Seniors: 9 Important Reminders
tags: college, parenting, responsibility, social emotional learning, stress, teens

Rethinking College Admissions
tags: college, teens

Set Your Kids Free: 10 Things They Need to Be Able to Do on Their Own by Middle School
tags: child development, grade school, middle school, money, responsibility

How to Plan Your Career for When Your Kids Become Teens
tags: parents, teens, work

10 Best Valentines Gifts for Your Teens and College Kids
tags: college, holidays, teens

December 2015:

The Day I Stopped Saying “Hurry Up”
tags: parenting, grade school, middle school

Police, School Warn of Dangerous Apps
tags: parenting, social media, technology

Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove Schools Among Top PARCC Performers
tags: school

How I Raised Teenagers Who Tell Me Everything – Even When It’s Hard
tags: communication, parenting, teens

5 Lessons My Teen Has Learned After Using Instagram for 3 Months
tags: communication, responsibility, social media, teens

I’m a College Admissions Consultant, and I Tell My Students to Get Bs
tags: college, teens, stress

Why It’s Great to Have a Stubborn Child
tags: behavior, communication, parenting

Science Says Parents of Successful Kids Have These 11 Things in Common
tags: chores, parenting, relationships, social emotional learning, stress, success

November 2015:

How to Empower Your Child to Deal with School Anxiety
tags: anxiety, brain, school, grade school, middle school, parenting

10 Things I Want My Son to Learn Before He Becomes a Teenager
tags: boys, middle school, teens, relationships, kindness, parenting

Stevenson’s Move to Later Start Time a Local Test Case
tags: school, teens, sleep, success

12 Basic Life Skills Every Kids Should Know By High School
tags: middle school, teens, communications, responsibility, organization, executive function, parenting

Try Threat-Based Parenting…Or Else
tags:  parenting, behavior, discipline

When a Child’s Project Shows a Parental Hand at Work
tags: school, grade school, middle school, responsibility, success, parenting

9 Tips to Keep the Conversation Flowing With Your Teen
tags: communication, teens, parenting

October 2015:

7 Potential Game Changers for the Class of 2017
tags: college, school, teens

Family Weekend: Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting a Kid in College
tags: college, parenting, teens

The Thing About Raising Teenagers That No One Says Out Loud
tags: parenting, teens

What One College Discovered When It Stopped Accepting SAT/ACT Scores
tags: college, success, teens,

Gen-X References My Kids Don’t Get
tags: parents

What You Need to Know About Those “Selfie Girls
tags: social media, stereotype, teens

Why Schools Are Adding Standing Desks to the Classroom
tags: brain, health, school

September 2015:

Parents: How to Handle the “Freshman 15”
tags: college, teens, health, alcohol, depression, anxiety

How Schools Are Handling an ‘Overparenting’ Crisis
tags: parenting, school, grade school, middle school, teens, college

How to Parent an Average Student
tags: parenting, motivation, school, success

About That Mom Who’s Not Bragging About Her Kid
tags: parents, success, mental health, school

Raising a Daughter? Handle with Care – Especially When She’s 14
tags: parenting, teens, daughters

This Site Calculates Whether Your College Is Worth Attending
tags: college, money

Anxiety in the Classroom
tags: anxiety, school

6 Things I Want My Perfectly Unpopular Middle School-Aged Daughter to Know
tags: middle school, daughters, kindness, friends, success

Why I Don’t Monitor My Kids’ Texts Anymore
tags: parenting, social media, social emotional learning, middle school, teens

What Not to Say to My High School Senior This Fall
tags: teens, college, parenting

August 2015:

Spoiled Rotten
tags: parenting, chores, values, money

Want to keep your new middle-schooler out of trouble? Then let them take risks
tags: middle school, brain, sports, friends

I Wrote Jake Ryan’s Name on My Binders
tags: mothers, teens, social media

7 Rules for Raising Self-Reliant Children
tags: chores, happiness, parenting, success

Permission to Grieve When Your Children Go Away to College
tags: parents, college, teens

38 Things That Will Take ’80s Kids Back to Their Elementary School Days
tags: parents, grade school

11 Things I Want My 10-Year-Old Son to Know…About Dating
tags: relationships, parenting, communication, drinking

Dear Mom of High School Sophomore
tags: parenting, teens, college, school, sleep

Why So-So Grades Are OK (If Your Kid Has THESE 6 Traits Instead)
tags: success, school, resilience, kindness, social emotional learning

After a Father’s Heart Attack, a Well-Meant Lie Backfires on the Playground
tags: communication, parenting

July 2015:

Off To College: The Serious Talk You Should Have With Your Child
tags: college, parenting, mental health, stress, teens, anxiety, friends, health

6 Things to Appreciate if You Only Have Sons
tags: sons, boys, parenting, mothers,

I Forgot How to Be the Happy Mom
tags: mothers, happiness

ACT Announces Changes to College Reports that Could Drive Admissions Decisions
tags: college, school, teens

Freshman Year College Advice for Parents and Students
tags: college, parenting, teens

Is Someone You Love Going to College? Their Success Depends on Three Words
tags: college, teens, success, responsibility

Will You Be Able to Help Your College-Age Child in a Medical Emergency?
tags: college, parenting, teens, health

Frank Bruni Talks College Admissions Madness (with Katie Couric)
tags: anxiety, college, success, teens

27 Ways Parenting a Teenage Boy is Like Dating One
tags: boys, parenting, teens

Are You Holding Your Own Daughter Back? Here Are 5 Ways to Raise Girls to Be Leaders
tags: boys, daughters, girls, leadership, parenting, stereotype, grade school, middle school, teens

June 2015:

Thank You, Mom, for Not Being My Best Friend
tags: parenting, mothers, daughters, teens, conflict, communication, social emotional learning

Incredible Elementary School Boys Fight Bullying for Special Needs Classmate
tags: grade school, bullying, middle school, friends, special needs, social emotional learning

What Overparenting Looks Like from a Stanford Dean’s Perspective
tags: teens, college, parenting, stress, anxiety, social emotional learning

The Importance of the Father-Daughter Relationship
tags: fathers, daughters, parenting, preschool, grade school, middle school, teens

The Biggest Lie I Tell My Kids
tags: parenting

The Letter Your Teenager Can’t Write You
tags: teens, conflict, parenting, child development

Nine Reasons I Regret Being a Stay at Home Mom
tags: mothers, money,

May 2015:

Prom Survival Guide
tags: parenting, teens, money, communication, drinking

AP Courses: Parents’ Perspective
tags: parenting, teens, college, school, money, stress

Be Instead of Brag
tags: parenting, social media, teens, social emotional learning, values, positivity

Yes..I Do Play My Favorites
tags: sports, coach, coaching, values, kindness, grade school, middle school, teens

Message to My Freshman Students
tags: college, school, student

I’m Opting for a ‘Slow Parenting’ Summer
tags: parenting, grade school, middle school, values

Why I Lied About Freshman Year
tags: teens, college, success, stress

40 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Your Teen
tags: parenting, teens, communication

At Harvard, Natalie Portman Acknowledges What Many of Us Feel: Impostor Syndrome
tags: college, success

April 2015:

Starbucks to Shell Out $250 Million on Free Four-Year College for Every Employee: Here’s Why
tags: college, teens

17 Things I’d Do Differently As a Parent
tags: parenting, preschool, grade school, middle school

Dear Parent of Newly Admitted College Freshman
tags: college, teens, parenting

Age 12 is Like a Second Toddlerhood
tags: middle school, parenting, brain

Ready to Go?
tags: college, teens, parenting

My Daughter’s Friend is Toxic – Help!
tags: girls, daughters, friends, grade school, middle school

March 2015:

You’re Doing Allowance Wrong
tags: parenting, money, chores, responsibility, grade school, middle school, teens

Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids
tags: parenting, social media, grade school, middle school, teens, mothers

 6 Things You Should Know About Young Girls in School
tags: girls, school, friends, parenting, bullying, grade school, middle school

 Why Children Need Chores
tags: parenting, chores, responsibility, social emotional learning, happiness, success, grade school, middle school

The 10 Colleges With the Most Generous Financial Aid
tags: college, money, teens

5 Ways to Put College Admissions Woes into Perspective from an Expert
tags: college, teens, success

February 2015:

Eavesdropping on the Seventh Grade ‘Instagram Show’ 
tags: social media, middle school, teens, parenting

When I Realized ‘Delay’ May Actually Mean ‘Never’ for Us
tags: preschool, child development, parenting, behavior

Understanding Teen Anxiety 
tags: teens, anxiety, stress, sleep, parenting

Here We Go, Grace and I 
tags: mothers, daughters, grade school, parenting

Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains
tags: teens, child development, drugs, alcohol, drinking, substance abuse, behavior, addiction, parenting

5 Unwritten Social Rules 
tags: social emotional learning, behavior, parenting, child development, preschool, grade school

This is What Happens to Your Brain and Body When You Check Your Phone Before Bed 
tags: sleep, brain

Secrets of the Teenage Brain
tags: teens, behavior, sleep, drugs, depression, mental health, mental illness, video games, parenting, brain

January 2015:

Why Daughters Fight with Their Mothers: a Georgetown linguist explains
tags: daughters, mothers, conflict, fight, grade school, teens, girls, communication

The One Conversation That Could Save Your Teen’s Life (and Your Own)
tags: teens, communication, drugs, alcohol

Preschool Kids Can Have Fun Building the Crucial Life Skill of Self-Regulation, Research Shows
tags: preschool, social emotional learning

Why Personality Is a Better Predictor of Success Than Intelligence
tags: student, school, intelligence, success

The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports
tags: coaching, values, leadership, parenting, sports, grade school, middle school

Are You Teaching Kids Responsibility? 50 Simple Challenges to Get You Started
tags: responsibility, preschool, grade school, middle school, teens

College Class Studies ‘Mean Girls’
tags: college, student, teens

December 2014:

How Mindful Children React Differently to Challenges (Illustrated)
tags: behavior, mindfulness, grade school, middle school

4 Questions that Brought an Entire High School to It’s Knees
tags: middle school, teens, leadership, bullying, fathers, sports, values, social emotional learning, parenting

3 Magic Words to Connect with Your Tween
tags: middle school, social emotional learning, empathy, communication, parenting

9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try
tags: anxiety, parenting, grade school, middle school,

This Teacher Taught his Class a Powerful Lesson About Privilege
tags: school, middle school, teens, empathy, privilege, social emotional learning

November 2014:

Schools Miss the Mark: Sandy Hook Victim’s Mom
tags: mental health, mental illness, school, social emotional learning, success

The One Question Every Parent Should Quit Asking
tags: fathers, parenting, success, grade school, middle school,

My Struggle with Stereotyping as a Chinese Adoptee
tags: adoption, stereotype, depression, teens

An Intriguing Way to Remake the College Admissions Process
tags: college, teens,

When You’re Dealing with a Stressed-Out High School Junior: 5 Tips
tags: college, teens, stress, parenting

Why Teaching Kindness in Schools is Essential to Reduce Bullying
tags: bullying, school, kindness, social emotional learning, depression, grade school, middle school

Parents: Let Harvard Go
tags: college, teens, parenting

Three Things Little Girls Need from Their Fathers
tags: fathers, daughters, girls, parenting, child development, grade school, middle school

October 2014:

Teen ‘like’ and ‘FOMO’ Anxiety
tags: teens, social media, parenting, middle school

What You Need to Know About 6-Foot Trick-or-Treaters
tags: teens, Halloween

Life Ed: Teaching Kids Empathy
tags: empathy, parenting, preschool, grade school, middle school

7 Things a Parent Can Say to Empower Their Child
tags: parenting, empower, social emotional learning, grade school, middle school

Adult Entitlement
tags: parenting, teens

September 2014:

How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science
tags: parenting, happiness, social emotional learning, preschool, grade school, middle school

August 2014:

Think You’re Raising Kind Kids? Think Again
tags: kindness, parenting, grade school, middle school

Six — Well, Seven — Pieces of Advice for College-Searching High School Seniors
tags: teens, college,

Simple Solutions for Back-to-School Student Organization (Sorry, No Trapper Keeper)
tags: school, organization, student, grade school, middle school

May 2014:

A Parents Guide to Minecraft
tags: video games, parenting, grade school, middle school

5 Simple Lessons for Social Emotional Learning for Adults
tags: parents, social emotional learning, parenting

April 2014:

The Science of Learning: How Your Kids’ Emotions Affect Their Academic Success
tags: social emotional learning, child development, school, success, preschool, grade school

A New Trend Is Quietly Emerging On Twitter — And It Will Give You New Hope For America’s Teenagers
tags: social media, teens, positivity

March 2014:

5 Things that Matter More than Where You Get into College
tags: college, teens, kindness, success

10 Chores Your 10-Year-Old Should be Doing Daily
tags: chores, parenting, grade school, middle school