Getting In Podcast: Researchers Call for Bold Changes in Admission

This week the Harvard Graduate School of Education issued a report that called for sweeping changes in the college admissions process.

Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and Getting In expert Steve LeMenager talk about the report’s highlights– which emphasized authentic community service and aimed to de-emphasize the importance of AP courses and standardized test scores.

Steve is the president of Edvice, a college counseling firm. He was previously a director of admissions at Princeton University.

Plus, Julie and Steve answer listener questions. One listener suggests applicants look into ROTC programs and the GI Bill as a way to finance college (starts at 16:40). And a mom in Florida wonders what the right fit for her son might be when he has so many interests and aptitude across science, humanities, music, and language (starts at 20:21).


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