The College Checklist Podcast: Getting to Know Your In-School Counselor

College Checklist Podcast

Kelly is an in-school counselor and also serves as Communications Chairman of the Indiana School Counselors Association. In this episode, Kelly helps us understand the changing role of the in-school counselor. She also gives parents and students alike insight on how to best leverage the excellent resources available in their high school’s college counseling office.


What are the duties of an in-school counselor? starts at 12:30
What resources, other than the counselor, can students find in the counselor’s office? starts at 17:23
What resources are students not taking the most advantage of? starts at 21:38
What are common mistakes students and families make? starts at 24:41
What is the best way for a student to work with and learn from their counselor? starts at 34:10
Lightning round of Q&A starts at 40:06

Kelly Johnson is a licensed, professional school counselor who has worked at both the elementary and high school level in Northwest Indiana. She holds College Admissions Specialist, Legal and Ethical Specialist, and Bullying Prevention Specialist certifications from the American School Counseling Association and is the Communications Chair of the Indiana School Counselor Association. She was also an Indiana High School Counselor of the Year nominee in 2015.



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