Who We Are

CPN is a committee of the Stevenson High School Foundation

Parenting Road Signs

Looking for direction? You’ve come to the right place!


Parenting –  the hardest job you’ll ever face.

So where’s the owner’s manual?

CPN sprang from our desire to connect, share and learn to become better skilled, more informed parents.

Through our expert speakers, small group learning events, and electronic platforms, we strive to combine the brilliance of experts with the support of other parents. This approach inspires our mission, vision, and values.

Mission: We connect, share and learn to empower parents

Vision: To be a treasured community resource for parent education


  • Make a Difference
  • Collaborate and Support
  • Learn and Share
  • Build Community
  • Offer Common Sense Solutions

Liz Treiber and Jodi Kearney - Founding MembersHistory

CPN was conceived in May 2012 when parent volunteers from districts 96, 102 and 103 started meeting in homes and coffee shops to launch a community-based parent education initiative.

We sought to offer compelling parent education programming for families within the Stevenson High School District 125 boundaries while collaborating with other area parent education groups. We learned much from our sister organizations, Family Action Network, Deerfield Parent Network, and Glenbard Parent Series, and continue to collaborate as we grow.

We soon affiliated with the Stevenson High School Foundation and now operate as committee of the Foundation. CPN expanded to include a Stevenson Patriot Parent Association (PPA) representative and liaisons for Districts 73, 76 and 79 as well as our start-up districts. We are also joined by Stevenson’s representative from the Healthy Patriot/Parent Engagement initiative, as well as the Chair of the Stand Strong Coalition on drug and alcohol awareness. We are fortunate to live in a community with so many committed and knowledgeable professionals and volunteers!

In our initial year, we hosted the highly acclaimed adolescent behavior expert, Dr. Michael Bradley and media/technology expert, Dr. Devorah Heitner. Subsequent speakers included family relationships expert Catherine Steiner-Adair, pediatrician and professor Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, and psychologist Dr. Michael Thompson. Each year we seek to bring notable speakers and authors on topical parenting issues.

After our initial two years, we looked back…and dreamed forward.

We realized that our parent community is BUSY!  They have kids, jobs, households, car pools, laundry, dogs, plants and more to care for!  Not everyone can make it out to the incredible speaker events we host. We needed a way to expand the circle of participation!

So we are now spreading our wings to provide parent education through three platforms: speaker events (as before), small group learning settings (book groups, post-event discussions, micro-communities of friends and neighbors to process parenting info), and the cyber/digital space (you are here now).

This hybrid approach continues to bring world-class parenting authorities to our community, while also creating alternative channels for our parent community to connect to best-in-class parenting information.

Are we experts? No way!  Are we seeking to share expert information and insights with you?  You bet. Think of CPN as your friends walking with you (and your child) through the wonderland of parenthood.

We still do a lot of our work over coffee (and at dining room tables, school conference rooms, library desks, and kitchen computers). Our work is meaningful, informative, and fun and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn.

Would you like to join us? Visit the Get Involved menu to find out how YOU can connect, share and learn with us as an empowered parent.